MCV Develop Awards 2020 - Audio Innovation of the Year


March 2020

This month we were lucky enough to win the MCV Develop Audio Innovation of the Year 2020 award for our work on Total War: Three Kingdoms. Myself and Jon Raftery, our Lead Audio Programmer, had the honour of collecting the award on behalf of the audio team, which was every bit as enjoyable as it was nerve-wracking. The MCV Develop Awards are voted for by MCV subscribers who work within the games industry, so it was incredibly humbling to know that the game has been voted for by our games industry peers.

On a more personal note, Total War: Three Kingdoms remains one of my proudest professional achievements to date. There were many substantial improvements and new systems that were created compared to previous Total War games, including a modular UI elemental system, a truly dynamic Campaign map, dynamic unit responses that respond to a wide variety of player commands and Battle scenarios, providing players with crucial feedback as well as reinforcing the aesthetic and helping to make each unit feel different.

The Audio team is incredibly proud and humbled to win this award and it feels great to know that people who play the game are both recognising and appreciating the work that we do, which we hope is adding to and ultimately benefitting the player’s experience.