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Grid Autosport (PC/PS3/Xbox 360)

I was part of the audio team on the racing game Grid Autosports, which was the sequel to the 2013 BAFTA-nominated Grid 2.

I worked specifically on the vehicle audio where we recorded numerous high performance vehicles and then used the resulting recordings in conjunction with our specialist in-house tools to create authentic and exciting audio content necessary to be used with the numerous cars in-game.

We made many improvements to the vehicle audio over the vehicles in Grid 2, in particular we paid more attention to the relative volume dynamics of the engine & exhaust as well as the detonation behaviour and numerous other subtle qualities unique to each vehicle. We also took a lot more care with the vehicle audio emitter positions and volume attenuation of each car, trying to keep it as authentic sounding as possible.

This video shows a few of the vehicles that I created the engine audio for. For the best viewing experience, please watch in HD. For more information, please visit the Grid Autosport website at www.gridgame.com